Enterprise companies adopting the Managed Service Provider model

Enterprise companies adopting the Managed Service Provider model

Posted by NSS

Dear MSP

Please consider the following:

Enterprise companies across the world have already or are quickly adopting the Managed Service Provider model to effectively organize and offload their talent acquisition woes. With a Vendor Management System in place, hiring leaders should essentially have a one stop shop to the best candidates available from numerous staffing partners, which should ultimately make finding and hiring the right talent a piece of cake.

Unfortunately, this too often becomes a pipe dream due to a few reasons that we think can be easily avoided.

Scorecards seem to be more of a scare tactic than measurement for success/failure. As a staffing firm that has consistently performed well it is disappointing to continually join performance calls with firms that score below average year after year. If you are going to measure our performance and give us a score please be willing to do something about those who aren’t holding up their end of the bargain (hint hint, I’m suggesting you drop them from the program). Your end client will be happier if they are only working with top performers.

Communication with the Hiring Manager is nonexistent, but this is so limiting. We aren’t asking for a one on one coffee date here, but hearing directly from the HM about what he/she is looking for can be so beneficial. We understand that HMs can get bombarded with emails and phone calls from the 40+ staffing partners, but believe that hosting an all vendor call prior to the release of a requisition will allow everyone to ask their questions and more effectively fill the client’s vacancy. One call – that’s it!

Quantity is not better than quality – remember, you hired us to find THE candidate. Just today one of our MSPs increased the maximum submissions allowed for one opening to six candidates per staffing firm. This MSP works with 40+ vendors – imagine the number of unqualified resumes this client is going to receive for their opening. For every open headcount, two submissions should produce the right candidate.